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Rolya is one of China's largest upcoming high-end ro water faucet manufacturer. We utilize advanced production techniques to ensure outstanding product quality combined with our exceptional after-sale services,produces The best possible experience for our valued customers.We presently offer a variety of products including high grade and auto homo-thermal faucets, bathroom and other kitchen accessories; not to mention an assortment of products favored by our consumers both at home and abroad. Our brand has quickly become recognized as the primary choice for agencies and individual consumers alike.


The prospective goal of Rolya was to become the leading manufacturer in bathroom and kitchen décor for every economic spectrum. We have since fulfilled this, our designs, manufacturing methods and after-sales services give our customers the complete package; with pricing suited to any economic status. All of our products are not only elegant; they are designed to last and crafted with the ideal that our brand should stand as a sigil for quality. This means that our products and production Methods are environmentally friendly as well; we firmly believe that making these wears at the cost of our environment is irresponsible and put forth every effort to reduce environmental impact. We firmly advocate healthy consumption of materials, which is why we have become such an outstanding manufacturing enterprise locally. Now that we are expanding internationally we can provide both the best products and services abroad and at home, constantly advancing in design, manufacturing and distribution.


We welcome any inquiries from existing or perspective customers either at home or abroad and are looking forward to making new relationships for mutual development.

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